Bringing You Broadway develops live interactive performances to enrich the lives of children with Autism and others with special needs. 


We strive to take our passion for theatre and bring it to these truly exceptional children, many of whom may have little or no opportunity to attend live shows.  Bringing You Broadway gives our audiences the opportunity to connect with Broadway artists and experience live theatre in a safe, non-judgmental environment.


We seek to find ways to bring the Broadway community together at a time when finding an artistic outlet is challenging and making personal connections is equally difficult.  Giving theatre professionals an opportunity to work, to express themselves, and to serve the larger community is a gift to us all.  


We aspire to engender a love for the arts in all children and families!

What We Do:

Each month, Bringing You Broadway partners with a different exceptional kids organization and crafts a tailor made performance for that group.  With an interactive format, our company members have opportunities to educate, entertain, and inspire, while also promoting social interaction and boosting self esteem.  While our partner organization is the main focus each month, our performances are meant to be inclusive of all abilities and are open to the public (pre-registration required).  Our main goal is uplifting and entertaining the lives of others!